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Mr. Jay Lipp
Principal : Aerospace/Hydrospace
Assistant Principal : Beth Furnari

Assistant Principal : Dave Henry
203- 275 - 3426
Guidance Counselors
Susan Starkie (11 + 12)
Nadia Pearce (10)
Jackie Gardner (9)

Secretary : Lisa Salgado
Fax : 203-337-0116

Our Mission
Our Mission:

Our mission is to educate the nation's future leaders in the science and art of the physical sciences and aerospace engineering. Further, we seek to expand the frontiers of engineering science and to encourage technological innovation while fostering academic excellence and scholarly learning in a project based learning environment.
Fairchild Wheeler Makers Club

The Go-Fund Me Page for the Makers Club

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What is Marine Engineering?
Ms. Mason's Boat Project
Ms. Mason's class did a project on boat design.

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'News Report' on Boat Disaster
The Sail Car Challenge
Live NASA Space Station Feed
Solar Energy Meter
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Aero School News

Aero Junior Talisa Barneshopes to attend a program this summer for future medical professionals in Boston through wishbone.org. Click Here for fundraising page.

Uchenna Oguagha, an Aero senior, represented the campus at the Bridgeport Public Education Fund's (BPEF) Annual Fall fundraising event, where she gave an amazing heartfelt and insightful speech to a packed hall at the Bridgeport's Holiday Inn. At the end of her remarks she received a standing ovation.
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Ekram attended the very selective Young Global Scholars (YYGS) Program at Yale University this summer, and would like to thank all the people who helped make it possible.

Anubhav Dhar a Junior at Fairchild Wheeler's Aero/Hydrospace Engineering and Physical Science High School, has been awarded a summer internship with a $3,300 stipend for the 8 weeks of the program. If he chooses to return the stipend increases to $3,800.00. He will be assigned to the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory in Groton, CT.

Aero Science Fair Winners 2016
10th Grade Winners
1st Place: Aero : Erik Koether
2nd Place: Aero: Shubham Singh
9th Grade Aero Winners
1st - Hritush Bhargava
2nd - Leo Bryers
3rd - Ben Madison
Honorable Mention - William Garay

Shubham Singh and Anubhav Dhar, members of the FCW Math Club, qualified for the National Math Con in Chicago. Shubham finished 1st in the 9th grade division nationally and Anubhav finished 12th in the 10th grade division. Over 45,000 students competed in this national competition!!

Nick Torres, History teacher in the Engineering School, was the recipient of the 2015 Theodore & Margaret Beard Excellence in Teaching Award. This award honors up to two exceptional Bridgeport public school teachers with a cash gift of $25,000. It is one of the largest teaching awards in the nation.The award was presented on May 6, 2015 at the Inspiration Awards ceremony, a joint event of Fairfield County's Community Foundation and the Bridgeport Public Education Fund that recognizes outstanding teachers in Bridgeport public education.

Awards Ceremony Pictures

Pi Day at Aero
Pi Day 2016 - Click Here          Pi Day 2015 - Click Here

Physical Sciences, Engineering and Aerospace/Hydrospace Science High School
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Aerospace/Hydrospace Science High School

In this STEM-based program, students will learn the practical application of science and math to solve problems. Learning to use software, interacting with regional industry and collaborating with state and local universities, students will research, design and develop creative solutions for exploration and discovery.

Aerospace Student Council
Aerospace Student Council will meet in Room E118 Thursdays after school

The mission of the Student Council is to allow students to become responsible leaders within our community and nurture in all students the traits of good citizenship.

We will accomplish this mission by doing the following:
  1. Serve as a source of communication between the student body and the faculty and administration of the school.
  2. Provide opportunities for students to participate in the government of the school while promoting and maintaining high standards of individual responsibility, cooperation and maturity among students.
  3. Share in the development, promotion, coordination, and management of school activities.
  4. Help others in our community in order to bring awareness about those less fortunate.
Marble Sorter
Girls in STEM

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Sikorsky Engineer Contact Information

Dave Myers, Jr.
Rube Goldberg in Physics Class
Quick Links
Algebra and Rockets

Mr. Viesto's class explores quadratic equations and rockets

Click here for pictures and videos
Gault Energy Contest

Recognized by Bridgeport Board of Education

Graham Bonnell and Nathalie Pachexo were two of the top five finalists in the $1500 Gault "What's Next? - Energizing the Next 150 Years" online essay competition.

The Best of Rube Goldberg

by Maggie and Julia (2016)

by Graham Bonnell & Anthony Johansen (2014)

by Anubhav Dhar & John Brindisi (2014)